Hello, thanks for taking the time to check out my work. I'm an artist who works mainly in a cartoon style with ink & markers. Several of my designs have been made into vinyl toys.

I'm heavily influenced by elements from my youth, to include the French "Ligne Claire" style, done best by Herge -creator of Tintin, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, Japanese toy box graphics, Mad Magazine and punk rock gig posters.


Recently, I have been designing toys based on Japanese kaiju designs. I work with two excellent producers who make them with me. Monster Worship, based in Pittsburgh/Tokyo, and Unbox Industries, based in London/Hong Kong.

Besides toys, I make a lot of gig posters and have done several album covers for bands. Many of my illustrations have also been used for successful clothing designs, most notably via Iron Fist Clothing. I've even managed to slip in a little large client work, a series of gig posters, record covers and even a car parts brochure for Scion Audio Visual and Toyota Motor Company. 


I live in a mid-century modern home with my wife and daughter plus pets. I am always trying to turn it into a swank secret lair....