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Large Cover Art Illustration set


Large Cover Art Illustration set
So... I've been working on a comic book, this is the initial image I drew for the cover. It depicts a human character (no name yet !#@&*%! ) using a targeting device to launch non-lethal missiles at Greasebat, while he battles M 5 Bravo in the ocean. Mini-Greasebat floats nearby watching it all, eating a fish.

This set includes three sketches, the first one I did depicts the entire scene, on a piece of 8.5 x 11 inch card stock paper, in pencil.

I didn't like the monsters, so I redrew them fighting on another 8.5 x 11 piece of card stock paper.

I finally put it all together on a large ( 11x 14 inches ) piece of marker paper, which is thinner and more translucent than regular sketch paper. You can see some folds in the paper from scanning it. This part was carefully inked with a non-fading, permanent ink.

As pictured, they are not signed, but I will sign and date them before shipping.

Like I said , this is the potential cover for a comic book I'm working on. Each piece is not in pristine condition, so there may be bent corners etc. Any major flaws are noted. The comic book already has at least one interested publisher, so it will be a reality sometime down the road.

I put a lot of time in this so I have to ask for a little more $$ than usual. Shipped in a sturdy tube, worldwide.